Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brief Malden Update

A big thanks (and a belated birthday wish!) to Steve over at Philofaxy ( for linking to my recent post about my Malden.

So far, the Malden is exceeding my hopes for bringing organization back into my hectic life/schedule.

I am trying out a system which I think is pretty innovative, in the sense that it's a somewhat wacky combination of monthly/weekly/daily formats! It's very exciting, actually!

I will put up a detailed post in the next few weeks, after I've had enough time to use and tweak things.

I'm always interested in how other people get on with their Filofaxes. Has anyone else come up with a unique combination of formats/layouts that has rocked their world? Do tell!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving into a Malden... again!

I don't know what came over me, exactly...
I had a Filofax fail near the end of February, although it wasn't Filo's fault. I had been using my lavender (personal) Domino faithfully since January 1st, then I just stopped. So in reality, I failed my Filo.
Somewhere in mid-February, I ordered the Malden (black, personal). When it showed up (after being in the post forever!), I found I didn't like it as much as I had hoped. I sent it back.
But then, another change! I realized my life has been bursting at the seams with stress BECAUSE I ABANDONED MY FILOFAX! At that point, I did what any rational addict would do-- I ordered another one!
Well, almost.
I actually re-ordered the Malden. I figured it deserved another chance. Why should it be punished for my fear of commitment, right?! ;)
Presently I am over the moon with excitement as I contemplate how I will move in to the Malden. What I will ditch, what i will take, and in what order I will place my priorities (as they relate to my dividers, lists, notepapers, etc., anyway...)
I am experiencing a great many life transitions at the moment-- and for the next several months-- and I will be relying heavily on my Filofaxes to preserve what is left of my sanity during this time.
For the moment, I'm going to check out who else is experimenting/changing things up with theirs...