Saturday, January 29, 2011

Deciding on a Deco

Until four or so months ago, I did not know Filofax had an online cult following. I had been working my Filo issues (size, style, inserts, etc.) out on my own-- and sadly, I did not know anyone else who used and worshipped Filofaxes. 

A quick Google search introduced me to both Plannerisms ( and Philofaxy (, and the deal was sealed! 

Just after Christmas, I moved out of my black Personal Classic and into my new lavender Personal Domino. As discussed on Philofaxy on yesterday's "Free for All Friday No. 115," the Domino lies flat right away, which the Classic does not. 

As all raving Filo addicts know, it's possible to look at the one/s you have and are using and still be longing  for another! My next purchase will be a Personal Deco, which has starred in my stationery dreams for longer than I shall admit. 

The question is: WHICH COLOR?! I have not seen the Deco, in any color, in person. I have to rely on the assortment of both high and low-quality pictures-- and the high and low-quality lighting, camera angles, etc.-- to make this big decision. 

I would love to have some input from those of you who have a Deco, have seen them, etc. before I place my order. 

The available options are Ivory (which I have admired many times via Laurie's flikr ;), 
and Ebony (which I know is brown, not black--- it does at times appear black in photos, though). 

I do have time to decide, as I am still working away at coming up with the perfect set-up for the first half of 2011. I have already tried and ditched multiple formats, including the Week on Two Pages concurrent with the One Day Per Page. More on all this later... 

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your thoughts on the Deco!


  1. Oh the deco. The Filofax of my dreams! Welcome to the Filofax loving community :-) Be careful as you will definitely expand your collection (we are enablers).
    The ruby deco is my favourite although the ivory is lovely as well. You will know which colour suits you more. I am not a fan of the ebony and I was really disappointed with the amethyst slimline deco as the purple was just too dark.
    I look forward to seeing the pics of the one you choose! And how you set it up! Yay!

  2. I recently though a Ruby Deco IRL and was surprised that the color was a deep dark red, whereas I had expected a bright red (comparable to the Crimson Malden). Not seen the Amethyst, but there are some pics on Flickr. I recently bought the Ivory as a (pre-)wedding present, and it's colour is also darker than shown on the Filofax UK website. Still lovely though! I once saw pics of the Ebony on Ebay: a deep chocolate brown. I imagine it'll look great with the cream refills!
    Pesonally, I'm the purple/red kind of woman. I probably would lean towards the Amethyst, but am not buying it before I can see it for real (and not this year anyway!).
    However, if you buy at FF UK, you get to return it if you don't like it. That way you could get a test drive of the colour.
    Anyway, IF you DO buy it, we demand some pics on Flickr ;-)